Iodine has been added to the S.H.A.D.-L.A.A. Natural Health Protocol and Arsenal Of Health.
Iodine Supercharges the S.H.A.D.-L.A.A. Natural Health Protocol! It adds another layer of Detoxification, and Disease protection plus adds additional Energy and better Sleep.  

Where I rarely got sick on the Shad-Laa Protocol (1-2 times per year...maybe), I don't get sick at all with the addition of Iodine to the System!

Note: Iodine effects are stronger and quicker on the Shad-Laa System.
I could feel the Positive Effects of Iodine - Low Dose 800-1000 mcg (Kelp Based)  within 30 minutes when I first started taking it. And the effects improved almost daily for 2 weeks.  

But when I gave the same dosages to others, not on the Shad-Laa Diet System, not under Shad-Laa, they acted like there was no difference in their health.

I forgot, I've been on the Shad-Laa System for 3-4 years now. My Internal Systems are so much more efficient than an average person's digestive and nutrient distribution system,  it can be considered slightly different. It does far more with far less...of anything.


Iodine is one of the most important minerals required for healthy cellular and complete metabolic function.

There is no life without iodine and it has been estimated that the entire population is deficient in iodine.

For thyroid support and to protect against forming of a goiter, only small amounts of iodine are required. But today, doctors have found that all tissues of the body require iodine.

The breasts, ovaries, uterus and prostate tissue require large quantities of iodine.

"The quality of health of Japanese women is far superior to women in the United States. It has been estimated that Japanese women ingest 12.5 mgs of iodine daily. On the island of Okinawa there are a higher percentage of people over 100 than anywhere else in the world. It has been reported that they ingest, through their diet, 80 to 200 mgs of iodine daily."


Iodine(s): Atomic Iodine, Elemental Iodine, Potassium Iodine/Iodide, Iodine from Kelp/Seaweed or other Marine Sources

Iodine comes in (3) Basic Ingestible forms: Tablet, Capsule, and Liquid.

It comes in (3) basic Strengths/Dosages:

Low Dose (150-250 mcg)

Medium Dose (1000 mcg/1 mg-1,250 mcg/1.25 mg)

High Dose (12,500-25,000 mcg/12.5-25 mg)

Most sources say you you should start slow with low doses, about 225-1000 mcg, and work your way up to higher doses.

Admin Note: I started at about 800-1000 mcg in Kelp Extracted Iodine. Loved it so much that I increased it to 1000-1200 mcg/1 mg-1.2 mg.

After about 2 months, I switched to High Dose (Tri-Iodine 25 mg) and Medium Dose (Lugal's 2% Iodine Solution - 1.25 mg per drop).

Due to the high cost of Tri-Iodine 25 mg ($18.35 for 30 Capsules), I only use it every 2-3 days. I use 13 drops/16.25 mg of Lugal's 2% Solution Iodine in between. Since I haven't noticed any increased healthy feeling benefits of 25 mg per day, versus 16.25 mg, I most likely won't re-order the Tri-Iodine.

The Liquid Lugal's 2% Solution is much more Versatile than Tablets or Capsules and is a Must-Have in the S.H.A.D.-L.A.A. Arsenal of Health.

It can be used directly on cuts and wounds, as well as for Dental Mouth and Teeth Care.

Within the S.H.A.D.-L.A.A. System, it is added to the Morning Health Drink. 3-6 drops are also added to the Water Supply of the Water-Pik for dental hygiene.


[ GNC SuperFoods Kelp Product: 200 Ct. $8.99 ]kelp 2 gnc


[ Puritan Organic Liquid Kelp $3.49 (2 oz. 240 servings) ]



[ Starwest Botanicals Kelp Powder Organic: $4.89 (1) lb Pkg, Kosher certified and organic kelp powder ]

kelp powder


[ Tri Iodine 25mg ]

iodine - tri

By: EuroPharma (Terry Naturally)
UPC Code: 367703190033Form:
Tablet Size: 30
Retail Price: 22.95
Our Price: $18.36

25000 mcg/25 mg


[ Sea Kelp (Iodine Source 225 mcg) ]


225 mcg | 500 Tablets
Piping Rock Item #1775


[ Atomidine Iodine Supplement Heritage Store 2 oz Liquid ]

iodine atomidine


$5.95 shipping

600 micrograms of iodine per drop



Lugol's Iodine (2%) Solution

Piping Rock Item #40053

2 oz (59 ml) Liquid
***** 5 out of 5 stars.
5 out of 5 rating.

Each vertical drop is approximately 1.25 mg iodine



 For gas, bloating, indigestion, stomach problems, food or salmonella poisoning, use 6 drops in 1/2 glass of water, 2 or 3 times a day, for a few days. Take after meals and at bedtime. For severe cases, it can be increased to 12 drops. You'll feel results shortly. For anxiety/mood swings, etc., or for a more relaxed and peaceful state, take 6 drops in water once or twice during the day. In general, 6 drops can usually end it all for a mild case of salmonella poisoning.

Though very safe, use only when needed. THYROID PROBLEM Many problems, in general, can be attributed to iodine deficiency. 75 years ago, Lugols iodine was commonly used by doctors. 2/3 of a teaspoon (60 drops) was the standard dose for thyroid disease. You can start with 6 to 12 drops a day in water for about one week and you will notice improvement. Then it is advisable to consult with your doctor.

IODINE DEFICIENCY Take about 2, 3 or 4 drops in water daily for about a month. Can be increased to 6 drops daily if needed. After you've replenished iodine, then take twice a week.

MOUTHWASH AND CLEANSER Great as a mouthwash/mouth cleanser against bacteria, fungus, mucus, virus, coated tongue, etc. Use 3 to 6 drops in glass of water, gargle, do not drink, spit out in glass and observe what comes out. Your mouth will feel refreshed and great.

$6.99 [ Lugols Iodine (2%) Solution
2 oz (59 ml) Liquid ]




"If you're going to live longer, you need to keep your original teeth as long as possible!"

Brushing Teeth:

1) Brush teeth as normal using Aluminum Free Baking Soda and a small amount of Diatomaceous Earth as a Toothpaste.

Just wet toothbrush and dip it in the Baking Soda mixture. Brush as normal. Baking Soda alone, is fine.

2) Floss as normal.

3) Use Water-Pik Classic: Fill reservoir to 10 cup level using Distilled or Spring Water only. Add 3-6 drops of Lugal's 2% Iodine Solution.

The Bugs/Parasites that causes Tooth Decay and Gum Disease are swimmers. They are hard to get rid of by Brushing and Flossing alone.

The Highly Rated, Water-Pik Classic, has been shown to be very effective against these Bugs/Parasites. Iodine has also been proven effective against them. By combining the two, you will help to keep your teeth and gums in good shape for many years to come.

The Baking Soda is also excellent for Dental Hygiene. Itself, killing many germs on contact.




Clove Oil has been added to the S.H.A.D.-L.A.A. Arsenal of Health.

Clove Oil isn't used often under Shad-Laa, but it is used. (1) 2 oz. Bottle will last 1-2 years.

1) 1-2 drops can be put directly on a sore tooth to remove the pain.

2) 2-5 drops can be put into your Humidifier Water, as well as a 1/2 teaspoon put into the Heated Oil Reservoir/Medicine Cup, for Aroma Therapy.

3) 3-5 drops can be added to S.H.A.D.-L.A.A. Home Hot Mineral Springs Bath Water

Clove Bud 100% Pure Essential Oil
2 oz (59 ml) 100% Pure Oil


This Essential Oil's wellness-promoting capabilities are remarkable. It is ranked as the highest known Essential Oil for anti-oxidant properties, and has been used traditionally in a variety of longevity formulas.

Vicks® Vaporizer with Night Light - White and Blue


Walmart or Target



SUPER ANTI-BREAST CANCER PROTOCOL: Iodine, Selenium, Vitamin D3 - "Simple And Easy As 1,2,3!"

Iodine collects in Breast Tissue. Breast Cancer Cells ATTRACT Iodine. Once Iodine is inside a Cancer Cell, it shrinks and then KILLS the CANCER CELL ONLY! (Scientifically and Medically Proven). Selenium is needed to ACTIVATE the Iodine. Vitamin D3 builds the Receptors in Cells that Iodine Attaches to.

Selenium and Vitamin D3 are powerful Anti-Cancer Agents on their own!

* Selenium , The Cancer Cure Mineral Miracle
* Selenium: The Cancer- Killing Supplement - Truestar
* Study: Vitamin D Kills Cancer Cells - ABC News
* Vitamin D and Cancer Prevention - National Cancerwww.cancer.gov
* Vitamin D the natural cancer cure - CANCERactive,

But when combined with Iodine, seems to offer a quick, affordable and effective Anti-Brest Cancer Protocol, that is also effective against Prostate and Thyroid Cancers.

Dosage Levels:
IODINE: 12.5 Milligrams(mg)/12,500 Micrograms(mcg) Daily. Note: Some say 25-50(mg) Daily
SELENIUM: 200-400(mcg) Daily
VITAMIN D3: 5000-25,000 International Units(IU) Daily

These are all Doctor Recommended Protocols, by Doctors who use Iodine in their practice.




Cancer-Fighting Mineral Is Almost Totally Ignored

A Michigan doctor finds that nearly 100 percent of the patients he tests are deficient in a particular mineral.

This mineral is one everyone has heard of and you probably think you get plenty from your food. The fact is, most of us dont. And the lack of this vital nutrient is definitely a cause of breast cancer and breast cysts. It's very likely a cause of prostate cancer, too and probably a factor in many other types of cancer.

This mineral kills off breast cancer cells without killing off normal cells in the process. It's ideal for both the treatment AND the prevention of breast cancer.

Read More at: http://www.cancerdefeated.com/newsletters/Cancer-fighting-mineral-is-almost-totally-ignored.html

iodine ete

IODINE & THYROID DEFICIENCIES; Linked To Thyroid and Breast Cancer, Fibrocystic Breast Disease,
Infertility, Obesity, Mental Retardation & Halide Toxemia.

Summary by Laura Power, PhD, LDN
© August, 2006


There is an epidemic of Iodine deficiency in this country one that affects every man, woman
and child and especially vegetarians.

Over the last 30 years our Iodine intake has declined 50% (removed from our food supply!), while the ingestion of toxic competing halogens (bromine, fluorine, chlorine, perchlorate) has dramatically increased in food, water, medicines and the environment.

[For example: Iodine in wheat has been replaced with Bromine, the gas used to fumigate your house for termites!] Simultaneously there has been a related increase in the rates of thyroid disease, breast cancer, fibrocystic breast disease, prostate cancer, and obesity plus developmental delays and mental retardation in children! Meanwhile in Japan Iodine intake is up to 100 times higher, while all of these same diseases are significantly lower!


Read More at: http://www.laurapower.com/page26.html


The Silent Epidemic of Iodine Deficiency
By Nancy Piccone

In 2008, researchers concerned about the growing threat of iodine deficiency analyzed 88 samples of iodized table salt the main supply of this critical micronutrient for most people.

Less than half of those tested contained amounts of iodine sufficient for optimal health.

Coupled with the trend of reduced salt consumption, rates of iodine deficiency are now reaching epidemic levels.

In the developed world, iodine deficiency has increased more than fourfold over the past 40 years. Nearly 74% of normal, healthy adults may no longer consume enough iodine.

In this article, the latest data on this dangerous trend are presented. You will learn of iodine deficiencys profound impact on overall health. You will discover iodines vital role in thyroid function and its link to obesity, cognitive impairment, heart disease, psychiatric disorders, and various forms of cancer. You will also find out how iodine can help ward off breast cancer and fibrocystic breast disease.

Read More at: http://www.lef.org/magazine/2011/10/the-silent-epidemic-of-iodine-deficiency/Page-01



S.H.A.D.-L.A.A. Natural Health Protocol [The Super Foods Diet]

- If you only take in Super Foods, you can't help but be Super Healthy. Even the Water, Sweeteners and Snacks used in this Program are considered by many to be Super Healthy or Super Foods. How can you go wrong!? -  Wade House

The best way to describe the S.H.A.D.-L.A.A. Natural Health Protocol [The Super Foods Diet], is through it's full name.

The SHADLAA-D'NARAM OPR Natural Health Protocol.

Every letter or Group of letters of the name actually stands for different parts of the system.

S.H. = Super Health

A.D. = Anti-Disease

L.A.A. = Longevity Anti-Aging

D.N.A.R.A.M. = D.N.A. Repair And Maintenance / R.A. = Reverse-Aging

O.P.R. = Overall Pain Reduction

It also includes: T.W.C. = Total Weight Control

(But I couldn't work that into the name:)

All this is achieved through only a couple of handfuls of different natural products or supplements, so every product(food/vitamin/mineral) must do multiple things.

In fact, every product in this Program except one, is considered a Super Food.

You could easily call this a Super Foods Diet.

All Super Foods do multiple healthy things for the Human Body. Most of them are in this Natural Health Program.

But there is another group of Super Foods that are at the top of the list and must be separated from Super Foods that are only healthy when eaten(internally).

This group of Super Foods I call the (Real SUPERFOODS) or the (Total SUPER FOODS])

This very small group of Superfoods all have three things in common:

  1. They have all been used for 10,000 years or more, and are considered Ancient Cures and Remedies.

  2. They all do multiple healthy things internally.

  3. They all do multiple healthy things externally, also.

LIVE LONG!  LIVE HEALTHY! - K.I.S. H.A.R.D.!  Keep It Simple - High Antioxidant Rich Diet!


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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products and or information are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.