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And More! "It's now Easier to Start your Journey to a Longer and Healthier Life!"


INTRODUCTION: "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" - Hippocrates; Considered the Father Of Western Medicine

WHAT IS THE SHAD-LAA Natural Health Protocol?

Super Health, Anti-Disease, - Longevity, Anti-Aging,  --  D.N.A. Repair And Maintenance +Overall Pain Reduction:

The Shad-laa D'Naram O.P.R. (it's full name) is a combination or compilation of several Natural Health and Natural Anti-Cancer Protocols boiled down to a few simple steps/parts that do everything from fighting cancer and other Diseases to weight control, to vastly improving over all health.

It also helps reduce pain from aching bones, joints and muscles, and other ailments that come with age, or just regular wear and tear.

It does such a good job that it can be described as putting some in nearly perfect, pain free health. A kind of Super Health of mind and body. And it does it simply and easily. (Results Vary per Individual)

And a fantastic side effect that wasn't discovered until years later, was it's Anti-Aging Properties, that actually seems to slow down the natural aging process by 3 to 4 years, if not more. For every 3 to 4 years that others age, you age about 1...maybe less!

NOTE: It was actually discovered very early that this program REVERSED the Aging Process by years, 10-20 years on average(6 months to 1 year into the program). But the real, noticeable Anti-Aging Properties were not discovered until later.

And the best part is, it does it almost completely All-Naturally. 2-5 natural supplements and food are all that this program calls for to achieve all desired health goals, as set forth within the parameters of the Shadlaa-D'Naram O.P.R. Natural Health Protocol.

Super Health, Anti-Disease - Longevity Anti-Aging, D.N.A. Repair And Maintenance +Overall Pain Reduction

The SHADLAA D'NARAM OPR System combines no less than Ten (10) Natural Health and Natural Anti-Disease Therapies.

 On a personal note;

 You will recognize the Reverse Aging and Major Health Benefits long before the Anti-Aging aspects of this Personal Natural Health Program. You can 'Feel' the Reverse-Aging and Health Benefits. You can't feel 'Anti-Aging'!

You can only see and realize Anti-Aging over time, when you see others continue to age, too quickly it seems, and you not only don't appear to age like others, but actually start looking younger, 5-10 years younger approximately. You feel easily 20 years younger inside with a mental and outward attitude to match.

What's really weird is seeing young people get older and more mature and you still stay basically the same.

*  Should You Buy This Book?...Would I Recommend It To A Friend??  ABSOLUTELY YES!!!

I would and do recommend it to friends and family alike. Those both younger and older. They all have aches and pains or this ailment or that. And who wants to grow old...fast.

*  Other Anti-Aging, Reverse-Aging Diets:

I studied many Reverse-Aging and Anti-Aging Diets before i released the S.H.A.D.-L.A.A. Natural Health Protocol. You know, checking out the competition. All the big name universities, and famous Doctors, online and off.

I was shocked at what I found. Many talked about the importance of increasing Fruits and Vegetables, Vitamin D, and Anti-Oxidants. But that was basically it.

All those things are vitally important. But they left out the least known and most important Mineral to Anti-Aging on the Planet. The one Mineral that the young have in abundance and that older people have virtually none of! And it's not Calcium, Copper or Iron. It's a corner stone of the S.H.A.D.-L.A.A. Diet, and helps keep you limber and your skin elastic.

They don't have the number one natural product in the World for maintaining and protecting your D.N.A. A product that is so great at what it does, that Science uses it to clean and maintain D.N.A. during Research. Nothing on Earth does the job this natural mineral does, and it is absolutely Vital for Human Life! And of course, most people never heard of it.

Aging starts at the D.N.A. Level, below that of Cells. So any thing you do to protect your D.N.A., can have life extending benefits.

*  They also don't mention another natural food, "That's been used for thousands of year", that has been proven by World Science and Medicine to Protect D.N.A., as well as kill almost every disease thrown at it, including all types of cancer.

*  There are even two more natural foods that are not mentioned that both have High Anti-Aging Properties as well as High Anti-Disease properties. And it doesn't stop there. There are two other natural foods that both have "High Anti-Aging and Anti-Disease properties that aren't mentioned at all.

This is why I was shocked! They didn't even discover half the truth and then sat back on their heels like they had done something! And of course, all these items are prominent in the S.H.A.D.-L.A.A. Natural Health Protocol.

The problem was that they were only looking for Reverse-Aging and Anti-Aging Protocols and I wasn't looking for that at all.

I bumped into it completely by accident.

I was looking for Natural Anti-Cancer, Anti-Disease and  Pro-Natural Health Protocols. Which I found. But as it turns out, the exact same Protocols are also Reverse-Aging and Anti-Aging. In fact, they may be even stronger at Reverse and Anti-Aging, than they are at Anti-Disease. Maybe!

At it's Heart of Hearts, this is an Anti-Cancer Protocol, or abundance of such. But comparing this Natural Protocol to your average Natural Anti-Cancer Protocol, is like comparing a 1967 V.W. Beetle to a Millionaires Car Collection. They both have wheels, but one is much, much better than the other!

And that also goes for your average 'run of the mill' anti-aging or reverse-aging diet or protocol.

And all this is accomplished with food and 2 to 5 natural supplements. It so easy...it's almost as easy as breathing, You could put the whole basic program on a 3" x 5" Note Card. But  it's so easy, you can't forget.


*** PLUS BONUS: Yours Free with the Purchase of the S.H.A.D.-L.A.A. Natural Health Protocol ***


The GARLIC - APPLE CIDER VINEGAR - HEAT THERAPY: Anti-Disease Protocol is pound per pound and dollar per dollar, the simplest, cheapest, quickest, most powerful, natural anti-disease protocol in the world today, bar none.

It combines (3) Anti-Disease Protocols or Therapies that have been used for thousands of years for natural healing, since the days of Egypt and before.

In 1997, when I started this journey on the Quest for Natural Cures and Remedies, it actually only took about (6) months to settle on this protocol. And it had sustained me for the next (14) years, until it was rolled into the Shad-laa D'Naram OPR Natural Diet System.

This is an Anti-Disease Protocol only. Not Anti-Aging or Super Health or anything like that. It does only one thing and it does it effectively. It fights all sorts of ailments, inside and out.


I've spent thousands of dollars online for information or products, and whether they were worth it or not, and many of them weren't, none of them, even come close to this BASIC information; in importance, usability or longevity.  




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TABLE OF CONTENTS:                                          (1)    

   (1)    INTRODUCTION:   2
   (2)    S.H.A.D.-L.A.A. Natural Health Protocol [The Super Foods Diet]   4
   (3)    THE ARSENAL OF HEALTH:  SUPERFOODS And Super-Foods!   5
   (21)  ANTI-AGING / REVERSE-AGING (L.A.A.-D.N.A.R.A.M.):   26
   (24)  THE SHAD-LAA PROGRAM:  28
   (27)  HOW TO START
   (29)  (A.D.) = ANTI-DISEASE And ANTI-CANCER   38
   (32)  A.D. EXAMPLE 2 : H10-N5 The Flu From Hell!   43
   (35)  HEALING BATHS : Hot Mineral Springs At Home!  47
   (38)  SHADLAA : UPGRADE TWO (The Winter Warrior Variant)   50
   (39)  The GARLIC - APPLE CIDER VINEGAR - HEAT THERAPY: Anti-Disease Protocol  51
   (40)  WHERE TO PURCHASE ITEM(S) OPTIONS: Basic Costs/Duration  54
   (41)  ADDENDUM(S):  Timeline(s) Total Weight Control (Addendum)  Exercise Hot Foods - Cancer Treatments; Medical vs. Natural  55


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If you only eat Super Foods....you can't help but be Super Healthy! I would absolutely recommend  this book!  I say this and I do not say it lightly, - Even the water, sweetener  and snacks in this program are considered Super Foods!   How can you go wrong?! - Wade House 

I absolutely love the Healing Baths! I recommend them to all my friends! . Thank you!"
- Marcis J. Happy Customer